Best health benefits of licorice on skin, hair and body

Licorice is an ancient herb, used to make tobacco, skincare product, medicine & sweets


Licorice is an herb which comes from Asia and European continent. Licorice is well known for its influence in the medicine field and tobacco industry.

Licorice is an old and ancient plant which was used for medicine and is proven by many research centres and laboratories. 

The extract of Licorice mainly consists of glycyrrhizic acid, proper addition to your daily food would be appreciated and will provide a healthy lifestyle, and excess consumption will have an adverse effect on each and everyone based on the age and body condition.

Newyork produces more than 70%of licorice remaining are from European countries(India, Iran, Italy, Afghanistan, the People’s Republic of China, Pakistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey).

Benefits of licorice in industries:

Tobacco industries 

Licorice powder are used in making tobacco, laval, ava skincare
  1. Licorice extracts are blended with Tobacco products, which enhances flavour and offer natural sweetness to tobacco products.
  2. Asts as moistening agents in cigarettes and cigars.

Food Industries

licorice are used in making candies as i holds natural sweetness, laval, ava skincare
  1. Food and Confectionary field they use licorice as the flavour agent in making candies-sweets. 
  2. In Overseas countries(australia, new york, etc..) people consume licorice on their daily bases with food and sweets in limited quantities.
  3. In times of Robert Gascoyne people of Britain used to chew and suckle the drys of Licorice as candy.

Medicine Field

Licorice are used in making medicine as it holds bacteria killing ability and reducing stomach, laval, ava skincare
  1. Medical study suggested that using licorice(glabridin and glabrene)at the time of stomach ache/discomfort it can be relieved.
  2. Aids in the treatment for ulcer.
  3. For the antibacterial character studies say licorice will help in avoiding tooth decay, though practically it's not proven.
  4. Licorice is used in the time surgery to maintain BP if it’s too low, and to avoid sore throat.

Benefits of Licorice on Skin and Hair

licorice has huge benefits on skin and hair, laval, ava skin care

Using Licorice externally on hair and eye has effective results.

  1. Adding Licorice will aid Hyperpigmentation (its an harmless problem that is faced on sun exposed skin. Dark patch area formed due to excess production of melanin on burnt skin or damaged skin).
  2. Glycyrrhizin, the main constituent of licorice, is a good antioxidant. Having this on your skin would brighten your skin, reduces inflammation and protects against UV radiation.
  3. Boosts dull skin.
  4. Soothes the dead cells.
  5. Reduces dark spots.

Disadvantage of Licorice

  1. Doctors mention consuming licorice more than 100-150g per day will have an adverse effect on a person's body.
  2. Addition (>100gm)of licorice in your daily habitation lowers potassium level in the body.
  3. Pregnancy women are not encouraged to consume licorice, as it will lead to preterm baby, improper development of the brain in the fetus and chances of miss carriage also. 
  4. Consumption of licorice from childhood would cause high BP(blood pressure).
  5. Heart related problems are faced.


Licorice are available in different forms based on consumption and usage style.

  1. Licorice powder/Liquid Extract- Direct consumption/Can be added to food/beverages to reduce ulcer.
  2. Capsules- Medical purpose used for sore throat and maintaining BP.
  3. Chews-In form of candy.
  4. Licorice root- Dried licorice can be directly chewed. 

THE LAVAL gently pulls out the essential from Organic Licorice and put together with additional organic plants/extracts/ingredients and herbs in making a promising Organic product which aids the user in having ever glowing skin and healthy hair.

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