Why Cucumber with your food?

10 Best healthy benefits on consuming cucumber, hydrate, weight loss, wrinkle face, Laval, ava skincare

Everyday we go to the mart and buy a few vegetables, fruits and many. Have you ever noticed or have ever thought how these consumables would help in our lifestyle?, is it suitable for us?What are the benefits of feeding these to our stomach?

Let us discuss one of the basic vegetables which takes a rack on every household refrigerator “Cucumber” it is. Most of them consume cucumber every day with their normal meal. But the one which you are consuming it’s one of many types.

Cucumbers can grow up-to 60 cm in length and 10 cm in width depending on cultivation. 

Different types of Cucumber:

Generally cucumber is of 3 types

  • Seedless
Seedless cucumber benefits of cucumber, laval
  • Pickling
pickling cucumber, healthy benefits on body and skin
  • Slicing
slicing cucumber, healthy benefits on body and skin

Each is consumed in different ways.

Slicing cucumbers are eaten unripe when they are still green in colour as the ripe cucumber will be bitter and sour. Pickling cucumbers are similar to slicing cucumbers but the size of cucumber is maintained 7 to 10 cm  in length and 2.5 cm in dia which is best for pickle.

 Benefits of cucumber:

Weight loss

cucumber juice with lemon will help in proper digestion and reduce weight, laval

Cucumber is high in water, low in calorie, and soluble fiber vege. These constituents will aid in weight loss on diet and one can have as much as they want with storing calories. 


cucumber acts as perfect antioxidant for body and skin, laval

Cucumber is packed with antioxidants, antioxidants cleans up your body on consuming by removing toxicity from all corners.

Nutrients and minerals

Cucumber are high in minerals and nutrients with less calories, laval

As said cucumber is low in calories, but more in vitamins and calorie. Consuming cucumber without peeling is recommended, as the peel holds more fiber and most of the vitamin and minerals.

Reduces blood sugar level

Consuming cucumber can reduce blood sugar level, for health life, laval

Scientific studies and tests have proved that consuming cucumber and cucumber peel would help in reduction of blood sugar level in the body.

Benefits of cucumber on skin and hair:

Cucumber slices reduce swelling and puffiness

Thin slice on swollen eye or red eye can reduce the swelling and cool the face, laval

 Placing thin sliced cucumber on the eye can reduce swelling, puffiness, irritation and provide coolness to your eyelids.


Applying cucumber on face can help in reducing skin aging

Grind the cucumber and make a thick paste, apply it on your face as a mask and let it for an hour. Cucumber acts as an anti-wrinkling agent and plumps & tightens the skin. Silica in peel of cucumber will avoid skin sagging when applied on skin.


Inflammation can be reduce on consuming cucumber and fruits, Laval

Character of cucumbers may help ease pain, redness, and irritation caused by sunburns, insect  bites, and rashes.

Reduces tanning

Applying cucumber paste on face can reduce tanning

After prolonged exposure of skin to sun skin starts to turn dark which people call it as Tan. These tan can be removed from skin by applying cucumber juice on the tanned place.

Hydrate and moisturize

90% of cucumber is made of water, it hydrate your body well. Laval

90% of cucumber is water, it will hydrate your skin when treated with it. Rich in Vitamin C' that moisturizes your skin well.

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