The reason behind LAVAL?

Prithika parthasarathy founder of LAVAL, a enterprenur, a brave fighter of her life, inspiration to many

Prithika Parthasarthy the founder of "LAVAL" once was a distributor of a luxury skincare brand in Bengaluru when she met a near-fatal accident.

The mishap not only threatened her life but also put her career in jeopardy. After being hospitalized for four months, she had to bear the side effects of steroids and medication. Terrible rashes and acne all over her face shattered her. How could she represent a skincare brand when her skin looked like that, she wondered. 

Suggestions from all corners poured in for her to go for chemical skincare treatments or even plastic surgery. Anyone else in her situation might have relented. But Prithika did not.

She said a firm no to the use of chemicals on her skin. She tried several brands that claimed to be organic, but nothing matched her expectations. So then she turned to her mother and grandmother for their herbal skin care recipes. And in due course of time, her skin found relief in those Ayurvedic remedies at home. Using natural products for self-care renewed not only her skin but also her confidence. Pleased with the results, she got determined to promote the idea of “loving oneself naturally.”  

That is how the brand ‘Laval’ came into being. 

TheLaval logo ava skincare pvt ltd, natural and organic products

Founded on the core concepts of life (water and love), LAVAL manufactures natural and organic products. LAVAL is a Bangalore based Ayurvedic essential brand, which used to go as Ava, but now they are all fresh with a new name and new mission to make the world “honestly beautiful.” 

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  • Our Story & How We Got Here
    Founded by Ancestors, The beginning- The medical tradition started from our Family school for Ayurveda where Traditional physicians .whose expertise spans 500 years of Ayurvedic heritage, formulations, and knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation through dedicated practice.
    Our team of professionals designs the ayurvedic treatment plan according to your specific needs, and our Ayurvedic Treatment Centres not only look after wellness but also help you to select the right customized treatment plans as per your preference. Our team of doctors possess immense knowledge, and they also belong to a family that has been in this field for 5 generations who can guide you perfectly.
    500 years of our knowledge will uphold the authentic principle of Ayurveda in order to propagate health and well-being worldwide. Integrate Yoga, Ayurveda diet, and meditation into the lifestyle of humankind.
    To be recognized around the globe as the essence of true Ayurveda.
    Develop new Ayurvedic products based on Ayurvedic principle and conduct research and clinical trials
    Treatment with authentic Ayurveda and panchakarma
    Having keen distant vision and up close focus.
    Treating and guiding patients honestly
    Experience Ayurveda Medicines and therapies at your home under the Guidance of our Expert Doctors
    Dheemahi Ayurveda integrates traditional Ayurveda knowledge with modern techniques to reach you and help to achieve the benefits of Authentic Ayurveda. Our system evolved over five generations. Our team of professionals helps you to achieve a state of complete health and vitality. We assess your daily routines, food, and lifestyle and fine-tune your life.
    We are promising you 100% result-oriented and personalized online consultation for each patient with the comfort from the home and help them to achieve the well-being of the mind and body.

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