Why Pomegranate for you?

9 healthy benefit of pomegranate on body, skin and hair.


A naturally known and common fruit in everyone's kitchen for a long period. Last few years people started to consume pomegranates more with their daily diet. For its health benefits on human beings. It does aid in both internal and external health.

Starting from reducing toxicity in the body with antioxidant agents to reducing cholesterol in arteries for a good heart. Picking a proper pome in a tray is difficult unless you know how to pick a good one. 

Here we have few amazing benefits of pomegranate human body.

Natural Lip Care

Pomegranate can act as natural lipcare agent by clearing dead cells and providing colour thelaval

Pomegranate will act as a natural lip caring agent by exfoliating dead cells on lips. Take a few seeds of pomegranate and grind it, to make a paste add a few drops of milk/rose water. Gently apply the paste on lips, rub for a few mins and wash it, providing a fresh and natural pink look for lips. 

Weight loss

Fibre in pomegranate wil aid in good digestion and reduces body  fat

Antioxidants, polyphenols, fibre and conjugated linolenic acid are the few minerals and chemicals which aid in weight loss. Pomegranate fruits are made of all these minerals, on consuming pomegranate it will help in burning fat/weight loss/balance diet.

Stomach problem

drinking pomegranate juice can reduce constipation and other stomach related issues, Thelaval

Pomegranate juice can help in reducing inflammation in the stomach. Fibre in pomegranate aids in proper digestion and reduces constipation and other problems like gastric, heat flux and heat burn.

Joint pain

RA disease can be cancelled by pomegranate juice

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease that can cause joint pain and carry a thought out body. This can be cancelled by reducing inflammation, joint pain, and cartilage removal which is achieved by consuming pomegranate juice everyday.

Anti Aging

Cosuming pomegranate can help new cell generation & avoiding aging, thelaval

Aging is the process of skin losing its elasticity from the damage of skin elastin fibre and develops sag. By consuming pomegranate juice it will help in stimulating new cells to rebuild themselves.   

Hydrate dry skin

Drinking and aplying of pomegranate juice will hydrate one's skin and body, Thelaval

It is good to consume pomegranate from inside and outside. Applying pomegranate juice on your face by mixing with multani mitti/apple vinegar can hydrate your skin. Drinking pomegranate juice will also hydrate your body and skin. Vitamin "C" in pomegranate helps in fighting bacteria and fungus in your skin.

Helps hair growth

damage hair, hair issues, Daily consumption of pomegranate juice can reduce hair fall and strengthen follicles, Thelaval

From studies it is known that the antioxidant and punicic acid present in pomegranate will aid in strengthening one's follicle by increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Pomegranate oil can help in smoothing frizzy hair conditioning. 

Promote dental health

Pomegranate can strengthen Gums and loosen teeths, Thelaval

Studies and many experiments have proven that pomegranate holds the character to strengthen gums, tighten loose teeth and help in other oral related issues. But don't forget to brush every day.

Deep cleansing

Pomegranate juice with apple vinegar can be used as natural homemade cleansing, Thelaval

Face oil cleansing with pomegranate seed is a natural homemade cleanser. Rich in punicic acid & flavonoids , pomegranate seed oil deeply removes all the dead cells and provides clean and clear skin with glow.

Don’t feed your pets with pomegranate as the seed can cause stomach ache and other stomach related problems.

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