What are the benefits of consuming Aloe vera?

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a well known herb to every single household character, through its exceptional cure for skin and hair related problems. This small potted herb can be planted inside the house which is more feasible for the plant lover. Aloe Vera can be used by breaking down the stem and squeezing them out, that aloe vera gel or cake thing you can directly apply it on your skin for the better result.

Nearly we have 411 different species of aloe vera all over the world. Aloe barbadensis Miller is a basic aloe vera plant used for skin conditioning or skin care.

Benefits of Aloe vera:

  • Skin moisturizing: 

Aloevera moisturizes skin, LAVAL skin care

Aloe vera gel is rich in water as it stores water to grow vigorously in all seasons. Consuming aloe vera juice hydrates your body, keeping hydrated helps in detoxing your body by pushing the impurities outside.

Detoxing is the main function of the kidney and liver. They detoxify blood and urine, keeping them healthy by hydrating the body every-time is important.

  • Ulcer:

Aloevera benefits, Drinking aloevera will reduce stomach ulcer, laval skincare

Adding aloe vera juice in your daily lifestyle will avoid secretion of acid in your stomach and helps in avoiding stomach ulcers and keeps it cool.

  • Nutritious


Aloe vera is densely packed with vitamins and minerals. Consuming Aloe Vera juice everyday with breakfast keeps your immunity strong. Aloe vera are rich in Vitamin B12 which are mostly found in non-vegans. 

  • Constipation and digestive benefits 


Aloe vera holds many enzymes which will help in breaking down food or protein & sugar bonds for absorption of vitamins and minerals by the intestinal organs.

Which inturn helps in proper digestion and passing stools normally and keeps you away from constipation.

Aloe vera for skin-face:

  • Skin Burn:


The minor burns or burns caused by external flame can be treated by aloe vera. Applying aloe vera gel 3 times a day on burnt places for 4-5 days can see promising results. 

  • Sun Burn:


Sunburns are caused when skin is exposed to high intensity rays of sun. Applying aloe vera gel will soothe the skin burns. If skin is sensitive wearing sun screens are recommended.

  • Dry skin:


Dry skin would bring cracks on your legs and hands. Using aloe vera gel just after the bath would seal the moisture & keep your skin moisturizing.

  • Inflammatory acne:


Anti-inflammatory character of aloe vera plants can help in keeping out anti-inflammatory acne. Prepare a bottle of Aloe Vera gel and refrigerate.Apply it on the pimple thrice in a day for better results.

  • Cold sore:


Small body fluid that forms on lips or inside the lip because of herpes virus. Applying aloe vera gel on the infected part would dry out the cold herps. Make sure you clean your hands after applying aloe vera as cold herp viruses are contagious.

If you are suffering from dreadful skin conditions or any other skin related problems consult a dermatologist, before going to home remedies. Study says Aloe vera is not recommended for all skin types. It is also said to avoid contact of aloe vera on cutted or exposed skin since microorganisms present in aloe vera might penetrate through the cut and can infect the person.

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