Amazing benefits of using mogra flower on skin

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A flower well known as Jasmine sambac, Queen of the night, Hrudhya Gandha, etc for its fragrance and benefits around the world belongs to the family Oleaceae. Native to Asia and widely grown in south Asia for its appealing and Sweet fragrant. 

In many parts of India(Kerala is a huge market) people manufacture/extract natural jasmine sambac fragrance and ship it overseas to produce soaps, perfume, room fresheners, and other scented products. Mogra is a shrub that grows up to 3 to 5 meters. Mogra is of different kinds because of its spontaneous mutation. 

How to select the best Mogra flower in making fragrance

Plucking the right jasmine flowers is the most important thing in manufacturing jasmine oil/fragrance, as a good mature flower yields a high-quality fragrance.  

Mogra flowers are selected on the basis of size and color. It has to be a bud that is white in color as green flowers don't produce much fragrance. And blooming flowers are not encouraged as they are prone to rot. 

And most important Harvesting of jasmine flowers has to be done in the morning as it blooms at night.

Benefits of mogra/jasmine flowers on skin

Avoid dryness

Everyone loves to have fresh, glowing, and moisturized skin for all seasons. Hydrating skin aids in keeping skin youthful and glowing.  Prominent resources present within mogra flowers help the user in moisturizing and rejuvenating their skin. 

White rain Moisturizing souffle is induced with mogra extracts, applying this on the skin every day before bed will help in hydrating skin and keeps moisturized all day long.


The earlier you start, the better it is for the future. About aging, one should start caring for their skin at an early age and using anti-aging products. Aging is a processor stage in life where the skin loses its elasticity, laxity, wrinkle forms, and skin becomes rough.

Applying Mogra/jasmine or a product infused with mogra will reduce the process of aging by increasing collagen and also protecting from environmental stress as well.

Reduces scar

Most of us will have a mark that holds the past. The scar is a spot left on the wound part which has been healed long back. However, it is said that jasmine holds the blend that can stamp out the type of scars that are formed by acne and stretch marks. Jasmine oil along with a proper massage on the scar part can help in reducing the scar.

Sensitive skin

Most of them won’t apply or use new skincare products as one’s skin will be sensitive and it will provoke sensations like stinging, burning, pain, etc. Mogra/jasmine water holds tranquilizing ingredients with a pleasing aroma that helps with irritation, itchy and dry skin.

How to use mogra/jasmine for best benefits

Nowadays we can find products in which jasmine has been blended for its beneficial facts. Jasmine is known for its pleasing and appealing aroma, accompanying its nourishing and hydrating character on the skin on using.

Jasmine/mogra as a massage oil

Massage oil is used to apply on the body to reduce friction on body while carrying body or head massage. Massage oil infused with jasmine cooled pressed essential could lend high-quality nourishment to the skin and prevent inflammation, irritation, & sunburn. Jasmine will restore moisture to the skin and rejuvenate.

Using LAVAL massage oil which comes in a variety of aromas can help to get the benefits of jasmine. Laval massage oil is suitable for both pre and post-shower it leaves nourishing and hydrating skin behind. Pre-shower you can use Laval face and body wash after 20-30min of applying massage oil for the significant outcome.

Jasmine/mogra as a cleanser

The cleanser is a product that is used to wash away daily makeup, dead cells, excess oil from the skin which sequentially reduces acne and avoids clogged pores. LAVAL cotton candy light makeup cleanser with jasmine as an ingredient will wash away makeup and oiliness, jasmine present in the cleanser will keep skin moisturizing, nourishing, and retaining scent. 

Body mist

Mist help in locking the moisture after taking a face wash and keeps skin lively and glowing. Laval Jasmine face and body mist can be a good perfume as it offers a magnificent aroma. One can spray its skin after a shower to fasten moisture and on dry skin to hydrate and avoid itching.

Face pack

The face pack is a thick matter that can be applied to the face with some liquid substances for relief and calmness.

  1. Take 2-3 spoons of LAVAL de-tan pack/acne and pimple pack.
  2. Add jasmine water or can add 2spoons of Laval massage oil so it forms a thick paste.
  3. Apply the paste to the face and neck lavishly, let it for 20-25min.
  4. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and wash with Laval cotton candy face wash for moisturized and nourishing skin.

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