Strawberry: nutrition facts and health benefits

laval. health benefits of strawberry for your skin and body


Strawberries are the summer lover as they turnout to be fruitful in that season. Picking out one good strawberry in a lot is as difficult as finding yourself best girls in a group. Everything looks the same but not. Accurately we have 103 varieties of strawberry based on season, size, color, shape, flavour, and fraternity.

Strawberries with gratifying reddish color, hold the taste of sweetness, sour, and speck of spiciness. 

During late middle ages Strawberries were not grown in gardens or in farmland, during the 14th century France Instituted them from the forest to their farm lands for cultivation and harvesting. The Presence of strawberries appeared everywhere.

Benefits of strawberry:

Nature extends what's good for everyone considering the season. People consume strawberries for the deliciousness, but they do have healthy benefits and assist in maintaining the texture of your skin.

  1. Strawberries are rich in biotin and folic acid. Competent enough to encourage keratin structure for fine growth of nails. 
  2. Tiny heart shaped red fruit protects from heart related problems by increasing HDL(high density lipoprotein) cholesterol, lower BP, and shields against cancer.
  3. Vitamin C is a must in our daily lifestyle, strawberry holds rich and boosts the working of the immune system to challenge foreign bodies.
  4. Strawberries are packs of fibre. Devouring them will help in fibre intake which in turn helps in constipation and proper digestion. 
Laval. (Digestion and constipation issue) strawberry

5. Ellagic acid, a chemical in strawberry is known for its anti-cancer property, which will help in suppressing cancerous cells having an intent to form a tumour.

6. Strawberries will be a great ingredient in your diet chart. Strawberries are rich in fibre which aids for good digestion and helps in reducing belly. 

Benefits of strawberry on skin:

Why should we have extra strawberries in our bowl?

  1. Vitamin C, lycopene, and antioxidants in strawberry can prevent damaging of skin caused by free radicals that boosts ageing. 
  2. Strawberry holds skin-lightening properties and ellagic acid that brightens your skin and reduces dark spots.
  3. Key minerals and vitamins of strawberry can help in exfoliating skin and brightening your lip with hydrating property.
  4. Acidic behaviour of strawberry can remove sebum, fundamental cause of skin ache. 
  5. Vitamin c and malic acid can help teeth whitening.
  6. Anti-inflammation character of strawberries can aid in reducing under eye puffiness.
  7. Vitamins in Strawberry helps in producing collagen, collagen improves skin elasticity and resilience protects from wrinkles.

Whether fresh or dried strawberries are best to have.

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