Benefits of Beeswax on Hair, lips and skin

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It must be inquisitive for most skincare product users to see Beeswax as a special ingredient. These days many skincare industries/companies are using beeswax in their skincare, haircare, or cosmetic products for its beneficiary facts. In this blog let us understand why? How? Beeswax is used in our daily used products.

How to make beeswax

Industries have started manufacturing/rendering Beeswax very much which is used in different fields for its beneficial purpose, like beeswax candles, beeswax crayons, beeswax wraps, beeswax furniture polish, beeswax pellets, beeswax skin & body care products, etc.

Let us make this more interesting by knowing how to render beeswax from a raw honeycomb.

  1. Once beekeepers extract honey from the honeycomb the unfilled honeycomb cells are taken and stored in a dry place.
  2. After collecting adequate numbers of cells, by using a knife or cutter they chop off the wax from honeycomb cells and dump them in an oven that is heated to 175 - 210 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. As the oven melts the beeswax, this melted wax is transferred to a large beaker or a container and let to solidify naturally.
  4. While solidifying, honey being heavier than wax settles down leaving wax on the top surface.
  5. Isolate this solidified wax from honey by removing the top layer. Heat the separated wax again and this time with help of a sieve separate the traces of honey & wax.
  6. The wax that we received now is pure wax which can be molded to any shape and used further.

Benefits of Beeswax on skin and hair

Products made by nature are the best medicines for inside and outside as such is Beeswax. Copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, B6, ascorbic acid, etc are the few minerals & vitamins present in beeswax which can have an acceptable and virtuous effect on skin and hair.

Beeswax holds healing properties and has been used for medication everything from sore throats to minor scrapes and burns.

1. Heal chapped lips


Chapped lips are the result of dehydration, this can be painful also. Beeswax being the antioxidant and moisturizer is the finest product/ingredient for cracked and dry lips. Draw a small amount of beeswax/Laval lip balm infused with beeswax and rub it on chapped lips before going to bed continuing this for 4-5days will offer to soothe and clear lips. 

2. Reduce effects of eczema

Eczema is a state of itchiness, inflammation, or redness that forms on part of the skin due to low immunity system, genetics, and environmental condition.

Moisturized skin can quickly relieve itching and reduce inflammation, beeswax can offer better moisturizing than any other ingredient. Using laval Body souffle will help in combatting eczema.

3. Soothe and reduce acne

Youngsters who just crossed puberty will be familiar with acne and pimples. Acne is a condition that occurs due to the blocking of oil under the skin which is owing to dead cells and environmental dust particles. One should wash their face regularly using face wash or cleanser made with beeswax will help in removing dead cells and dust bunnies.

4. Moisturize dry skin

Dry skin is an outcome of the skin losing an excess of water, this condition can be reclaimed by applying the best moisturizing product. Beeswax is a good moisturizing agent with minerals & vitamins in it will help one in maintaining moisturized skin. LAVAL moisturizer, body butter, and souffles are inspired by beeswax which will aid in hydrating skin.

5. Healthy hair

Hair looks dull when it is not moisturized properly. Beeswax being a super moisturizer can assist in retaining and maintaining healthy & shiny hair. Take 4 spoons of hair-spa mask and mix with raw milk and egg white(optional) apply on the scalp. Leave it in for 30min and wash off with LAVAL shampoo. For best results use it once a week.

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