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Laval has a powerful underlying story behind setting its focus towards natural, organic and green products.
Little did we know that a simple lotion to nourish the skin contained a profuse combination of treacherous chemicals. A product that claims to be natural, had scarcely any natural ingredients?
After a fatal accident and identifying the lack of a good chemical-free product in the market, our founder Ms Prithika Parthasarathy quintessentially launched Laval. A brand that will appeal to the masses and yet be safe on your skin, almost with zero side effects.
We produce our products at Laval with utmost love and care, and specifically, focus on being an expert brand from the view of its organic and natural authenticity. We understand that such authenticities do not arise overnight and we are always committed to keeping our promise. .


As a young girl, I was a staunch follower of all the cosmetics available in the market which were ultimately filled with harmful chemicals and yet labelled as organic products. After I encountered a fatal accident it impaired my looks and made me weak both physically and mentally. My face unapologetically welcomed acne, scars, rosacea and side effects from harmful medications also left me overweight. In such a vulnerable situation, where there was hardly any ray of hope left with me, I decided to opt for my mother’s herbal recipe over the highly suggested chemical treatments. Nothing happened overnight but slow and steady results stunned me. Hence, after this incident, I became a steadfast follower of herbal products. I started to strongly believe in the potential of authentic Indian science of Siddha and Ayurveda, which later became the foundations of Laval. Appreciating my zeal to create and experiment on organically based potions, my family motivated me and my sister; who was my backbone throughout the entire journey, to launch Laval.

Coming from a manufacturing background, we had learnt and specialised complex formulations and manufacturing techniques among other particulars related to the business, Mainly inspired by my mother who used to concoct her very own formulations. So, we decided to put this knowledge to set a unique skincare line to provide simplified skin solutions. By digging deep into nature and its methods of renewal and rejuvenation, Laval products were formulated. The intensive research into essential oils and traditional skincare ingredients forms the foundation of our products. Laval is entirely formulated with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives and with a pure intention of spreading self-love. Now we present our wide range of products to our wonderful customers. We welcome you to our family for an honestly beautiful experience.

Prithika Parthasarathy


We sturdily believe that; our body is a plant that requires care and nurturing to flourish. At Laval, we work hard to reverberate love for ourselves. We create a perfect mixture of products backed by the age-old science of Ayurveda and Siddha, to enhance self-confidence and beauty for all our clients. LAVAL only  produces high-quality products that are never compromised on any front, so that  our clients get long lasting results on appropriate usage.
We are managed and run mostly by women and owe a huge part of our success to them, who worked honestly and sincerely to make Laval a popular brand, as it is today.