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As much as sunny Leone would have caught our attention with her song Pink lips, we can without doubt say that a well toned and bright pair of lips is always very attractive.

But, it's not a myth that a major share of the Indian population is still figuring out how to maintain healthy lips. We try multiple things on ourselves and most of them are always gone in vain.

Probably because we do not really address the issue very well and treat its root cause. Once that’s addressed we can alway befriend long term success.The idea is not to expect any short term miracles, but with constant efforts and care, maintain a healthy look for a long term basis.

What can we consider to make this a persistent achievement?

Anti oxidants:

Consume food and drinks with antioxidants on a regular basis, These will help the lips be nourished and moisturised, replenish the lip tissues and keep it tight. It will also avoid dry lips.

Some of the most commonly consumed foods which are rich in antioxidants are Green tea, dark chocolate, nuts, spinach etc.


Do it only twice, yes only twice a week. Scrubbing is no magical recipe and just like anything if you overdo it, it's going to come with a bad bad cost. So be mild and gently exfoliate your lips with a homemade scrub of sugar, coconut oil and honey or a quality Lip scrub from an organic brand . An old toothbrush could be used as an additional support for exfoliation, but be very gentle.

Doing this will also aid blood circulation and make your lips lighter.

Things to be done before bed:

Follow a regular before bed routine of applying a natural and chemical free lip balm, so that it rejuvenates your lips while you sleep. The human body repairs during the sleep cycle and therefore its very important to take good care of it before bed and keep it hydrated

Avoid this for pink lips:

Women who use lipsticks on a daily basis should make sure that they Don’t use lipsticks that are high In lead content. This will cause a long term damage to your lips. You can replace a lipstick with a lip tint or purchase only lead free lipsticks.

 Also avoid chewing or licking your lips unnecessarily. This will damage the skin and leave hard marks on it.

DIY recipes: 

Mix lemon juice with potato starch and apply on lips to lighten them.

Mix coffee powder with honey and apply them on your lips for a great scrub.

Mix turmeric and milk together and slowly pat on lips to work on pigmentation and restore your natural colour.

Mix beetroot and honey and leave them overnight. It will help in attaining lighter lips and reduces pigmentation

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