Why mulberry on this summer?

mulberry comes in differnt color and it's one of the best fruit for skin care and hair care


Mulberry!!! They are the tiny, cute and sweetest fruit you can have in summer I guess. Scientific name that mulberry holds is morus alba. Mulberry of different types known by different names based on their colour, size, and usage. 

Mulberry is indegineous from China and the northeast of India but largely cultivated in southern europe.

Mulberries come in different sizes and colours, they are deep red in the forest region and fall from white to pink based on temperature and environment. 

Mulberries are sweet but plain in taste which confuses the fruitarians. Mulberries are mostly grown for their leaves which is the main food for silkworms, leaves are single, double and triple lobes.

Over the decades mulberry cultiver are going down largely, though its maintenance and feeding cost for the plant is less. Consumers of mulberry are lessening causing decrease in supply and farmers are moving away from cultivating mulberry. 

One day mulberry might get extinct and fall under the endangered fruit category. Go through this blog and gain knowledge about the fruit and have it. In this blog we have spoken about types and advantages and best of mulberry on the human body.

Types of Mulberry

types of mulberry based on size, taste, and colour. Laval, avaskincare

In coming to category there are nearly 20 types of Mulberries in this page we tell about 3 main types.

Morus alba (White Mulberry)

white mulberry taste and benefit, laval, avaskincare

 White mulberries are most grown mulberry plants which are cultivated for fruit and leaf. Leaves are cultivated for food of silkworms, these white mulberry leaves grow more than 15 cm. White mulberries are the sweetest one’s when compared to other species of their family.

Morus rubra (Red Mulberry)

reb mulberry | benefit and taste | laval | avaskincare

Morus rubra native from northern america, morus rubra can grow in bit shady and fruits are harvested in high sunlight. Fruits of red mulberry are when they are still quite red(pale), it’s said that complete red will offer tart flavour. From records it is said that Rubra can grow up to a height of 70 feet, and even at 3500 feet above sea level. Pure forms of red mulberries are getting extinct as hybridization stepped in to agriculture industries. 

Morus nigra (Black Mulberry)

black mulberry | benefit and taste | laval | avaskincare

Black mulberries are considered as the toughest spices in the family of Morus, because of its polyploidy condition. This polyploidy condition helps morus nigra in going mutation. 

Black mulberries are slow growing and can grow 45 feet tall and live for upto 500 years.

The sustaining capacity of black mulberries is rich and it can even grow in high alkaline soil compared to white and red.

Benefits of Mulberry:

  1. As Mulberries are too low in calories you can have it until you are tired and stop yourself getting bubbly.
  2. Having mulberry on your daily basis can avoid fatty liver diseases.
  3. A key element is burning fat by boosting metabolism, mulberry works well on your diet plan. 
  4. Consuming Mulberry would help those who are suffering from kidney problems caused by diabetics. 
  5. Mulberry are high level protein and iron providers for a fruit that boosts energy.
  6. They are rich in vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and antioxidants that keeps your eyes, blood and bones healthier.
  7. Intaking 2 spoons of mulberry leaf powder daily would help in reducing blood sugar level.

Best benefits of Mulberry on Hair and Skin:

  1. Mulberry has the natural skin brightening property wearing/masking your skin with mulberry once in a while would keep skin healthier.
  2. Mulberry has antioxidant agents that will help against aging and wrinkles on skin.
  3. Mulberry would help in reducing dark spots and pigmentation that is caused by sunlight/sunburn.
  4. Consuming mulberry on a daily basis can keep hair healthier or applying it on hair would also be helpful if you can't pass it through your taste buds..
  5. Drinking mulberry at least once in a week will keep your hair healthier and black dark.

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