Healthy and Traditional practices of INDIA

Traditional practices and healthy benefits

India is a nation of gods, India is an emotion, India is colourful, India is incredible, and India is a place of many ritual and traditional practices.Theses traditional practices were long established and carried from our ancestors. With equitable and ethical thoughts and belief which holds its own scientific and biological reason. 

These are few major traditional practices that should be followed on a daily basis for a healthy and calm body. 

Washing hand & legs before entering house

washing hand and legs before entering house , Thelaval

Most of those who are alive today & just escaped from the mouth of the corona-virus might have done this practice. During corona people were scared to be in contact with their loved ones. Every time the only thing that rang in their mind was hand washing and sanitizing themselves. 

During old times ancestors would do this every time when they are back home from work to keep bad things outside. 

This practice shouldn’t be biased to corona, it is a practice that keeps you away from many viruses, bacteria and much more.

Consumption of spices

Indian spices are best for health, Thelaval

Indian spices and herbs hold the best taste as everyone is familiar, and best remedies which are not. People out of countries and overseas would trade spices from India at a much higher rate than what they sell here.

Spices that we consume on our daily basis will help in reducing inflammation and reduce damage to body cells. If spices are consumed in a proper way, dried or fresh it has best benefits like Boosts immunity, increased eyesight, avoids constipation, gets rid of bad cholesterol, fights against few cancer etc. Few examples:

Turmeric fights against small infection and wound, to avoid inflammation.

Cinnamon aids in reducing blood sugar level.

Garlic helps to boost Heart Health

Ginger to treat stomach upset & diarrhea


Ayurvedic herbs is best in your daily diet, Thelaval

When people say ayurveda diet or ayurvedic treatment don’t put up a shocking face. Ayurveda is not a costly treatment or which you can only in richie rich hospitals.

It's a home made remedy which is achieved with a proper diet of veggies and green leaves, proper sleep and a bit of exercise. 

Most nepal and japan people have incorporated this ayurveda into their daily life regardless as treatment. Consuming hot food, proper consumption of water, consuming hot water with food, and adding ayurvedic tea everyday are the few steps taken by them from ayurveda.

Sitting floor

Consuming food on floor with folded legs is best, thelaval

Our ancestors, despite being rich, never used to have their food on the dining table. You know why? It's not that they were not able to afford something like that. It's all about the benefits of what they had with it and they knew. 

Whenever you sit on a hard surface with your leg crossed. Blood pressure increases a bit, stretching for your legs is observed, and sitting on the floor aids to maintain the natural posture of the spine and so helps people sit more straight and strengthen their spine.

Continuously sitting in one position for more than half an hour is not recommended.

Waking up on right side and sleeping left side

Waking you on right can boost your thoughts and keep you active, Thelaval

You might remember your mother or grandmother asking you to wake up on the right side early morning for a good note. 

If yes that’s right, don't fall into shock it's not something superstitious or magic, it's science. Brain is divided into the left half hemisphere and right half hemisphere. These parts have their own work. Right part of the brain controls creative activity and the left side controls logical verbal activity.

 when you wake up from your right side, you will begin your day calmly, unhurried and unstressed. So it is a good start to always wake up from your right side.

sleeping on left side can reduce heartburn. thelaval

Sleeping on the left side reduces the chance of heartburn caused by acid present in the stomach. And sleeping on the left side will aid in reducing breathing irregularities.

Fasting once in week

Fasting once in week will help in cleaning toxicity from body

Fasting comes with many kinds of seasonal eating, calorie & nutrient restriction are few of them. Fasting once in a week will aid in cleaning in your stomach,improve cardiovascular health, and help in weight by burning excess fat (stored calorie). 

Fasting can actually help in maintaining blood sugar level, and reducing insulin resistance.

Studies have proven that fasting for months will help boost brain activity and generation of new nerve cells etc.


Yoga is best for keeping yourself active and discipline

Yoga is the most practiced exercise by all celebrities around the world to lock their skin tone, physical structure and healthier body for a long time.

A so-called simple yoga holds the best benefits for a complete body, from internal organs to external parts and skin. World has accepted yoga as part of their daily life. 

After an intense 8-10 work hour your body suffers pain Increases flexibility, Builds muscle strength, Boosts metabolism, Helps in lowering blood sugar, Increases blood flow, Keep diseases at bay, Increases self-esteem.

Implementing traditional practices as it is will help in flow of best health benefits in your life.

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