10 best tips in summer season

LAVAL summer tips

Summer is best for most of the travelers as there is no obstruction or wall for travelling unlike strong movement of wind during winter or cloudburst monsoon. Majority of them staying in Low temperature and moisture regions would love to expose their skin to the sun for melanin pigmentation which provides darker skin inturn boost their immunity. 

Few love to avoid the sun trying to protect themself by applying sunscreen lotion to secure themselves from high intensity rays of sun (U V rays). 

UV rays are divided into 3 subcategories based on the intensity of wavelength.

UVC, the rays that are short of wavelength, these rays don't reach as they are deviated from the Ozone layer.

UVB has a wavelength higher than UVC. These rays fall on skin and cause tanning but won’t damage the cell or .

UVC, these rays directly penetrate through the epidermis and dermis causing skin burn, ageing and rashes.


Hydrate your skin during summer, LAVAL

As skin takes the lion share in the body, keeping it hydrated is vital. In summer water drains out of your body in the form of sweat, saliva, and urine so hydrating yourself regularly is recommended. Consumer 4-5ltrs of water a day.

Eye Care

summer problems, Care your eye during summer, LAVAL

Care your eye well, cornea and pupil are the most sensitive parts for high intense sunlight. It might damage them, good to use sunglasses when you are outside.


Summer problems, moisturize your skin, LAVAL products

More exposure of skin to sun will dry your skin, Moisturizing & nourishing of skin recommended. Applying lotion/moisturizer is suggested as it won’t let skin to expose directly to the sun.

Face care

Summer problems, face care is neccessary, LAVAL sunny side moisturizer

Face is the sensitive part of the body and is exposed more to the sun. Apply sunscreen lotion or cover up face every time you are out in daylight so that it’s not naked to sun. 

  1. Whenever you step out make sure to layer up SUN protection lotion of SPF >30.
  2. Applying a mask at the end of the day/once in a week is mandatory to keep the cell refreshing.
  3. Try to apply night light serum if possible before going to bed, night serum will help you to Clean of the dead cell, which later would cause pimple and black spots.


Summer problems, cool your body, LAVAL

Don’t want to play in the hot sun on fields, grab a pool nearby Cool off yourself once in a day so that you feel the exercise, get hydrated and feel relax.

Food poisoning

Summer problems, food poisioning, LAVAL

Food poisoning is common in summer due to excess heat in stale food. In summer food spoils way before than in winter or monsoon. It’s better to consume food early as it's made.

If you are too sensitive to high intense sunlight it’s better to stay inside during mid day.

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