Best facial exercise suggested by physician

best facial exercise to keep your face toned and strengthen facial muscle

People do spend a lot of time in GYM, workout classes to maintain their body shape and cholesterol level. But, have you ever noticed and thought of 42 muscles which are vital in everyone’s look? What exercise does it require? what care should be taken to maintain the structure or to change it?.

Yes, there are few facial exercises suggested by physicians. People do complain about their face shape but never try to change that. In this page we train with simple exercises that help you in strengthening your facial skin fibre & muscle and good looking shape.

People do go for treatment and laser to get rid of wrinkles and strengthen their skin, it’s best to move for natural physical exercise to achieve tight and healthy skin with proper diet

Few simple and intense steps to reshape your jawline, a toned jawline and a slim face.

The Brow-Raiser

exerciese rise your brow for good looking face and eye
  • This eyebrow exercise is more simple.
  • Sit straight and face straight close your eyes, just try to look down by shutting your eyes.
  • Once done hold it for a few 10 sec.
  • Now follow the same and try to look upwards and hold it for 10sec and relax.
  • Repeat this for 10times everyday for better results.

The Cheekbone Lift

Cheekbone lift is a method to strengthen you cheek muscle and naturally
  • Place two fingers gently on Cheekbone and press the finger against it.
  • Lift the skin until it is tightened 
  • Now open your mouth as wide as possible and keep it for 5-8sec, you can feel the strain on cheek muscle
  • Repeat this for 10 times in a day to lift your cheekbone and help in proper placing.

Cheek Squeeze

facial exercise for slim face

  • Lift your neck as much as possible and push your chin forward.
  • Suck your cheek as much as possible until it looks like a parrot. 
  • Hold it for a few seconds and repeat for 10 times each day.

The Jaw Flex

exercise for perfect jaw line
  • Lift your head till you see blue sky or anything on top.
  • Try to place your lower lip on the upper lip as much as possible.
  • Hold this for 10-15sec
  • And practice daily results in a toned jawline.

The Puffer Fish Press

puffer fish exercise for wrinkle free skin on face

  • Take a deep breath and puff your mouth/cheek.
  • Try to move air from left to right and continue
  • Repeat the procedure for 1 min for wrinkle free face

Carry out these exercises with your routine workout.

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